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The "&" or "Ampersand" is a common symbol used commonly in literature to define the pairing of two individuals; sometimes in business, but mostly in romance: Tarzan & Jane, Gatsby & Daisy, Romeo & Juliette, Jack Twist & Ennis Del Mar. We arrive in our story as the meeting of two hearts begins and another "&" is formed.

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Director - Sean Paul


Sean Paul is a Los Angeles-based professional photographer with over a decade's worth of experience. He founded his company SPF Studios in 2015 through which he has successfully managed and overseen projects for clients and organizations. He now looks to transition his talents into the world of filmmaking.

Producer & Writer - Jonathan James


Born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Jonathan received a Bachelor's Degree in Film & Video Production from Columbia College in Chicago. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010 Jonathan received his MFA in Screenwriting ('13) from the world renown American Film Institute. 

Jonathan has written for a variety of online publications including, and, focusing on both the art and craft of storytelling and LGBTQ+ issues.

Producer - Sabrina Cooper

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Born and raised in central Louisiana, Sabrina started out in entertainment as a professional dancer and choreographer. She has owned two successful dance studios and has choreographed for high profile companies such as Walt Disney World where many of her dances are still used and taught to this day.  

In 2009 Sabrina decided to pursue her passion for storytelling earning her Bachelor’s degree in Film Production from Full Sail University and later pursued her Master’s in Producing at the American Film Institute (‘13) where she met her writing and producing partner Jonathan James. 

Shortly after leaving AFI Sabrina decided to start Black Castle Productions to create stories that shed light on her Native American heritage and showcase Native American characters outside of the typical “Hollywood” stereotypes. 

Sabrina is an acclaimed producer whose work has been showcased at both the Cannes and Moscow International Film Festivals. Her feature screenplay NU NA DA UL TSUN YI - THE PLACE WHERE THEY CRIED, which was based on her Great Grandmother’s journal along the infamous Trail of Tears, was selected for the prestigious Cinestory Writers Retreat.

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