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The "&" or "Ampersand" is a common symbol used commonly in literature to define the pairing of two individuals; sometimes in business, but mostly in romance: Tarzan & Jane, Gatsby & Daisy, Romeo & Juliette, Jack Twist & Ennis Del Mar. We arrive in our story as the meeting of two hearts begins and another "&" is formed.

Writer - Jonathan James


Born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Jonathan received a Bachelor's Degree in Film & Video Production from Columbia College in Chicago. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010 Jonathan received his MFA in Screenwriting ('13) from the world renown American Film Institute. 

Jonathan has written for a variety of online publications including, and, focusing on both the art and craft of storytelling and LGBTQ+ issues.

Editor - Eric New


Eric moved to Los Angeles from North East, Ohio in 2015 after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Communications. Editing became a passion of his in high school, when taking TV Production class. With his love for story telling and creative writing combined with his editing knowledge, he realized making movies would be the perfect creative career for his ideas. Today Eric is an assistant editor and freelances in his spare time outside of work. 

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