The Director


Emilie Svensson

Emilie Rae Ohanian Svensson is an American, Armenian, Scandinavian, dark comedy writer and director. She got her start six years ago as a PA after moving from the East Coast to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of directing. She has since worked her way up through the camera department, has gained a DoP mentor Par Ekberg, and has had the pleasure of shadowing Directors Jonas Akerlund and Marja-Lewis Ryan. In 2019, Emilie and her friend, Jasmine Chiong, Co-Created a nine-part anthology series written, directed, and produced by 15 female filmmakers. Emilie had the pleasure of directing the second episode in this series, ‘Los Angeles, Fuck You’, a dark comedy about a former child star who returns home to live with her functioning alcoholic father. This project is currently running through the festival circuit. 

The Writer


Millicent Phillips

Millicent Phillips is a 21 year old Virginia native who recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. She is a writer/comedian with a  background in improvisational comedy as well as playwriting. Having known she wanted to be a writer from a young age she has had years to explore different writing styles ranging from comedy to drama and loves to find unique ways to view situations and experiences.