Meet The Writer & Director

Krzysztof Aleszczyk

Krzysztof "Chris" Aleszczyk is a Chicago born filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Hearing stories of his family's life in Communist Poland has given Chris a dual perspective of the world, inspiring him to tell stories that challenge, entertain, and inspire. Chris has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, working in various aspects of production as well as creating his own content in his personal time. One of his favorite filmmakers is Krzysztof Kieslowski, whose work has greatly inspired him. Chris is currently building his body of work as a director. 


Korey VanHuis

Korey VanHuis is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles and Chicago. Born and raised in Holland. Korey has had a passion for movies ever since he watched Star Wars for the first time at the age of 10. This sparked a fascination with filmmaking and the visual story. After studying Cinematography at Columbia College Chicago, Korey now works as a freelance cinematographer shooting narrative, commercial, and music videos. He enjoys working with strong visual directors who are open and collaborative and want to make stories that pick at the human condition.


Stephen Harrod

Stephen grew up in Annapolis, Maryland. He attended Columbia College from 2006 to 2010 (where he incidentally met director Chris Aleszczyk) and received a Bachelors degree in Film and Video. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles for 7 years where he specializes in production sound and is a union boom mic operator.


He has been involved with numerous accolades in the categories of feature, short films, commercials and streaming content. Most recently he has worked on a feature film "Black Bear" (with Aubrey Plaza) which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival & the genre film "Archenemy" (with Joe Maginello).


In addition to being a sound engineer, he volunteers through The British Academy of Film And Television Arts (Bafta LA) for the inner-city mentor program and additionally has been a guest instructor at Filmsters Academy in his hometown of Annapolis for 8 years. In his free time he enjoys going to art house theaters, muy thai kickboxing and writing and performing his own music under the stage name Scott of the Andes.

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