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In search of their lost child, Dr. Theo Jones and Aaron Davis hires a group of Mercenaries to lead an expedition to Mars Colony MR-54821 which was abandoned after a mysterious attack.
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Graham Rowat.jpg

Graham Roway as Devlyn Drax  

Graham is a New York based actor working in film, television, and stage, most recently appearing in the Broadway production of Steve Martin’s, “Meteor Shower”. He’s an award winning audiobook narrator and a regular guest on such podcast audio dramas as NoSleep, The Grey Rooms, Copperheart, Among the Stars and Bones, and The SCP Archives. For more of his work you can follow him on Twitter @GrahamNy or visit his website

Jordan Stillman.jpg

Jordan Stillman as Raven


Jordan Stillman is a Boston-based writer, editor, producer, and actor. She's a producer of The Ordinary Epic and The Wanderer, a co-organizer of PodTales and the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, and has lent her voice to the podcast Take the Mass Pike. Learn more at or follow her at @alittlejstillz

Jordan Cobb.jpg

Jordan Cobb as Suicide Sarah 


Jordan Cobb is a New York City based actress and the creator of No Such Thing Productions, where she wrote and starred in Janus Descending, Here Be Dragons, and Primordial Deep. She has been featured in more than four-dozen audio dramas. You can find her on Twitter (@inkphemeral) or visit her websites at and

Dallas Wheatley.jpg

Dallas Wheetley as Dr. Theo Jones


Dallas (they/he) is a voice actor, director and podcaster who has appeared on shows like WINDFALL, LET THE OLD WIVES TELL IT and MOONBASE THETA. He will soon be appearing on the podcast LUMINARIS BRIMSTONE:WITCH INVESTIGATOR. You can find more of Dallas' work at or follow them on Twitter @dallas_hawthorn.

Giancarlo Herrera.jpg

Giancarlo Herrera as Dr. Aaron Davis 


Giancarlo is a voice, stage, and film actor who you may have heard on Caravan (Argeaux), Valence (Luis), or Primordial Deep (Spinner). He also runs actual play podcast, Dungeons & Drimbus. To see more check out or @gianster98 on twitter.

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 6.56.59 PM.png

Kyle Nishimura as Skip

Kyle is a California based voice actor and you can find more of his work at SplitSeams on Twitter, split_seams on Instagram, and in other audio dramas such as Project STELLAR, The Viridian Wild, The Path Down, and others.


Skylar Fernandes as Kit 

Skylar is an avid cosplayer and model for LGBTQ brands such as Andrew Christian. For more about in you can follow him on Instagram @_potatosenpai

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