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Native America

(A Docu-series)




Native America is meant to inspire, educate, and open the average American’s eyes to the mystery behind life on a reservation by following the diverse people who struggle to survive and thrive there. It will spotlight each tribe's diversity and draws parallels to other cultures throughout America. 

Each tribe is amazingly different- not only in ceremonies and rituals but also with their relationship, history, and treaties with the US government. 

Some tribes like the Seminoles thrive. Others like The Pine Ridge Reservation are of the poorest in the United States with a 70% poverty rate and 60% of their children in the foster care system waiting for adoption. 

Why is this? 

Native America will shed light on this topic along with many other mysteries of Native Americans- all through their perspective and words.

                        Host: Rick Mora

              Producers: Sabrina Cooper, Jonathan James

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